Post Construction Clean Ups

Darby, PA, Pa

Construction jobs take a lot of work and time. They also leave quite a big mess to cleanup. Generally, after a big project, the cleanup is just too much for the individual business to take care of. That's when you can give Dukes Cleaning Services in Darby, PA a call.
Hiring a group like Dukes Cleaning Services for post construction clean ups can save you time and a lot of headaches. A lot of construction waste materials need to be disposed off through the proper channels. This is especially true with some forms of liquid waste. The experts at Dukes Cleaning Services know the exact way to handle multiple different types of post construction clean ups, so you don't need to worry about it.
It's a great idea to leave this type of cleanup to the experts. Types of construction waste materials Dukes deals with include; drywall, wood, nails, screws and hazardous materials. We also know what and how to recycle construction materials. Dukes will also handle cleanup from landscaping work, such as large tree branches and stumps. At the end of the cleanup, the site will be inspected to make sure the job has been thoroughly completed.
If a construction job is not in your near future, but you are in need of office cleaning, Dukes Cleaning Services has you covered there as well.
Office cleaning can be done during your business hours, but can also be put off until the evening after your employees have headed home for the night. Cleaning includes dusting and vacuuming. From carpets and linoleum, to the conference room, restrooms and break room, Dukes Cleaning Service can make sure your business shines.
If you're located in or around the Darby, PA area, contact Dukes Cleaning Services today for all your cleaning needs .Give us the chance to handle all your cleaning needs as you tend to more urgent aspects of your life.